Meet Mare Swallow!

We are thrilled to have Mare Swallow with us on this, the LAST SHOW OF 2016! Say goodbye to 2016 with us, won’t you? We’ve got a kick-ass All-Lady lineup, and we’ve got stories to tell. Mare Swallow is the Founder of the Chicago Writers Conference and author of 21 Ways to Engage Your Audience. … Continue reading

Meet Rukmini Girish!

IT’S OUR LAST SHOW OF 2016 and our fabulous All Lady Lineup continues with Rukmini Girish! Rukmini Girish is a second-year MFA Nonfiction candidate at Columbia College Chicago. Her work has appeared on and in East End Elements Magazine. With several other proud graduates of Augustana College, she’s also an editor at Floodmark Poetry. … Continue reading

Meet Tamara Matthews!

It’s our last show of the year, and we’re not sorry about it. Help us show 2016 to the door on Sunday, December 11 with our fabulous All Lady Lineup of storytellers. Tamara Matthews is a Colorado girl in an Illinois world, according to Facebook ads that keep trying to sell her t-shirts. When she’s … Continue reading

Meet Turi Ryder!

Guess what? December 11 is our last show of 2016! We’ve got a fantastic ALL LADY LINEUP to help send 2016 into the ash heap of history, and we’d love to see you one last time before we turn the page on this dumpster fire of a year. Join us! Turi Ryder has spent most … Continue reading

Meet Guy Wicke!

Rounding out our all-first-time reader lineup on the first Post-Election weekend of our lives is the guy (and the Guy!) we’ve voted Most Likely To Rescue You From an Uncomfortable Bar Situation: Guy Wicke! Called “a guy worth knowing” by the Chicago Sun-Times, Guy Wicke is an actor, improviser, and voiceover-er who has been performing … Continue reading

Meet Rebecca Duxler!

Continuing the theme of first-time TASW readers on the first post-election weekend of the rest of our lives, we are thrilled to introduce Rebecca Duxler! Your Friendly Neighborhood Uber Driver by day, literary artist and athlete by night, Rebecca Duxler is always hungry for adventures. As a super nerd and a black belt in Shotokan … Continue reading

Meet Deborah Siegel!

Hello there! If you’re reading this, it means the world hasn’t imploded (yet) and people still do things go to live lit shows and listen to people tell stories.  This bodes well for first-time TASW performer Deborah Siegel, and all of us! Deborah Siegel is the author of Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls … Continue reading

Meet Maria Konopken!

Hello there! It’s been a mad month, and by the time we see you again we’ll be in a post-election world. We hope this means that there will still be things like running water, electricity, and live lit shows. If all of this turns out to be true, we hope you’ll join us for our … Continue reading

Meet Susan Herold!

You guys, this month’s show is a BIG deal, here’s why: It’s our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We’ve been telling stories with you and for you for FOUR YEARS! We never thought we’d last this long, and this calls for a celebration! We’ve got an ALL-LADY LINEUP!! All of this month’s readers are first time TASW … Continue reading

Meet Nikki Bartolini!

Continuing our all-lady, all newbie, anniversary lineup is the fabulous Nikki Bartolini! Nikki is a writer and marketer living in Bucktown. Originally from St. Louis, MO, she moved to Chicago over 7 years ago to study writing at DePaul University and fell in love with the literary culture of the city. Over the past year … Continue reading