Fillet of Solo: Week 2, WOMEN’S MARCH EDITION!!

HELLO ALL YOU GORGEOUS MARCHERS!! Saturday’s show came right on the heels of the historic Women’s March, and as exhausted as we all were from marching proudly all morning and into the afternoon, we headed north to the Heartland Studio for week 2 of Fillet of Solo. Angela represented That’s All She Wrote in Washington, D.C., while J.H. repped us right here in Chicago. We weren’t quite sure what to expect – would anyone show up? The answer was YES, and we are so thankful to our gorgeous audience that came to see us on this historic weekend.

We’re back on the 28th for our last show at Fillet of Solo with stories from Angela, J.H., Archy Jamjun, and Ben Tanzer. Meanwhile, enjoy these action snapshots courtesy of audience member and friend of the show Lauren Yarbrough.

Keep telling stories, keep listening to each other, and KEEP RESISTING!!


J.H. Palmer, dressed in Protester Casual, details how she’s been coping with the current state of politics.


Luke Babb tells the audience about magic, labyrinths, and finding new pathways.


Tom Wolferman tells us about his brush with D-list fame.


Jasmine Davila, juror extraordinaire, knows the best place to get lunch when you’ve been assigned to the courthouse at 26th and California.

You’ve got just ONE MORE CHANCE to see us perform in a black box theater, this Saturday, January 28, at 4pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online here. We’ll be telling stories at the Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood, just north of the Heartland Cafe, come see us!


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