Fillet of Solo: Week 1

Hello everyone! We had our first show at Fillet of Solo on Saturday, and it went great. It was such a treat to perform in an actual theater with professional lighting and stadium seating. In addition to Angela and JH, we heard from the amazing Elizabeth Gomez and the inspiring Jason Fisk, both first time TASW readers who totally killed it onstage, and blew us away with their talent and prowess.

We’re at Fillet of Solo again this coming Saturday, January 21, go here for tickets. It’s going to be an interesting show – many of us will be coming directly from the Women’s March downtown, and whatever happens that morning, we’ll all definitely be ready to hear some stories. This Saturday’s lineup features JH Palmer, Tom Wolferman, Luke Babb, and Jasmine Davila. We’ll be posting more about them later this week.

In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots of the January 14 show, courtesy of audience member and longtime friend of the show Angelina Martinez.


JH Palmer details some of her more embarrassing high school moments.



Elizabeth Gomez delves into the particulars of being the only POC at school.



Elizabeth Gomez BRINGS IT.



Angela Benander explores the complications of having a little brother.



Jason Fisk holds the house in the palm of his hand with a story about his sister.



Jason, Elizabeth, Angela, and JH at the close of the first Fillet of Solo show.


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