Meet our Readers: Diane Kastiel

We’re losing an hour on Sunday, so make the most of the 23 you’ve got left and come see us!

Diane Kastiel is a writer and storyteller from Chicago. She’s a three-time Moth StorySLAM winner whose work has been featured on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour and its podcast, and she was featured on the Moth stage at WBEZ’s New Year’s Eve party. Diane has performed at the Park West, Second City, Victory Gardens, Mayne Stage and Lifeline theaters. She’s also told stories in a lot of bars, at a campfire show, a women’s shelter and now…the basement of a tattoo parlor. The first live lit event Diane ever attended was That’s All She Wrote and she’s thrilled to finally be part of the show.


Come see us this Sunday at Great Lakes Tattoo! Stories start at 8pm, show is free and BYOB.


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