Meet our Readers: Shay DeGrandis

Shay DeGrandis is the bizzomb. She produces and hosts the Chicago edition of Mortified, a comedy show of “personal redemption through public humiliation.” Helping performers bring to light their most awkward adolescent writing, she persuades them to get over their own self-censorship and share their shame with strangers. She thinks it’s good to expose yourself. Learn more here at

Shay is also a writer and artist who was lucky enough to befriend a Spanish Caballero, Professor Robert Loescher. Sir Bob bestowed upon her many treasures, everything from travel abroad and gourmet delicacies to boundless enthusiasm and his vast stores of knowledge. As his executor and devotee, Shay is currently working on an annotated book of his letters from Spain to his mother in Wisconsin, recipes included. See and hear her work at


Come out to Great Lakes Tattoo on Sunday and hear Shay and the rest of our readers, doors open at 8pm, BYOB and FREE!


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