Meet our readers: Willy Nast

Essay Fiesta was one of the very first shows on the live it scene in Chicago, and one of the very first that we saw and performed in. It’s been around long enough that it has changed hands from it’s founders – Alison Lyon and Keith Ecker, to it’s current co-hosts – Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast. We are super stoked to have Mr. Nast in our August lineup.

Willy Nast is from Aurora, Illinois, and yes, he has seen the movie Wayne’s World an astounding number of times. Willy co-hosts the “completely unpretentious” literary podcast All Write Already!, as well as the equally unpretentious live lit show Essay Fiesta at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. You can find out more about what Willy is writing and where he’ll be reading at

willy  nast

Come to Great Lakes Tattoo on Sunday, August 10 and hear from the one and only Willy Nast. Stories start at 8pm.


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