PostScript: Karen Gerod

Karen and her dog, Sammy.

Karen and her dog, Sammy.

Last week we received the news that Karen Gerod, former owner of Swim Cafe, had lost her battle with cancer. Those of you who’ve known us for a while may remember that Swim Cafe was our first home. Karen welcomed us to her cafe, was an enthusiastic supporter of our show, and always had a kind word for us. When she got sick she stopped coming to the shows, and we didn’t know until several months in that something was wrong. In December we held a fundraiser with Martha Bayne of the Soup & Bread series to help offset Karen’s medical expenses, and shortly thereafter Swim Cafe closed its doors.

We had hoped – as so many did, that Karen would persevere; she’d planned to travel to Ireland and Italy with the money raised at the fundraiser. This Saturday, starting at 4pm, the Hideout is hosting a celebration of Karen’s life. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Her obituary is listed in the Chicago Tribune.


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