Meet our readers: Chuck Sudo

Hello and happy summer! This month’s show is a week later than usual, we’ll be at The Savoy on Sunday, July 20. Also different this month: for the first time ever we have an All Dude Revue, prepare yourselves for a torrent of testosterone and swagger! Kicking off our XY lineup is Chuck Sudo.

Born and raised by a coven of mountain people on Chicago’s Northwest side, Chuck Sudo is editor-in-chief of Chicagoist, one of the most popular websites in town and named one of the best websites for news in 2012 by the Community Media Workshop. His writing has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Time Out Chicago,,, the Chicago Reader and Chicago magazine. Chuck has performed at CHIRP Radio’s “The First Time,” the Paper Machete and Tuesday Funk and is slowly easing his way into reading onstage after a lengthy absence. When not writing he bikes across the city, wields kitchen majicks like a warlock, makes an outstanding martini and has it on good authority he’s a superb Google stalk.

Chuck is a total dude, hear him read with us on Sunday, July 20.



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