Meet our readers: Wendy McClure

Thanksgiving is pretty much here, and we’re in it for the long winter haul – the perfect season for gathering in cafes and listening to stories. Get ready for our December show, it’s going to be so awesome you’ll forget about the weather, at least for a couple of hours, because we’ve got Wendy McClure!

Wendy is the author of several books, including The Wilder Life: My Adventures of the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie. The first novel in her kids’ series, Wanderville, is coming out January 1st. Wendy is a columnist for BUST magazine and has contributed to The New York Times Magazine and This American Life. She grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, received an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and now lives in Chicago with her husband.

Come see Wendy on Sunday, December 8 at Swim Cafe.

Wendy McClure


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