Meet our Readers: Erin Diamond

I first experienced the blitz of storytelling goodness that is Erin Diamond at the SKALD storytelling competition in June, where she blew the competition away… as it were, with the most unbelievable queef story ever. Up until that moment I didn’t know there was a “competitive queef story” subgenre to the art of storytelling, but there is you guys, there TOTALLY IS, and Erin is the undisputed ruler of it.

Erin Diamond was born and raised in Arlington Heights, IL.  She is a theater school drop-out and devoted Third Eye Blind fan.  Erin told her first story last October and has been hooked since then.  She worked with adults with severe mental illness on Chicago’s northside for the past four years.  This June, she left that job to spend more time writing and performing–it’s been the best summer since she got her braces off!!!

Come to Swim Cafe on Sunday, September 8th to hear Erin tell a story with us. 1357 W. Chicago Avenue, doors open at 7:30pm.



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