Meet our readers – Dmitry Samarov

Dmitry Samarov used to drive a cab for a living. Then in 2011 his book Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab was published, and now he doesn’t have to drive a cab anymore. This pretty much epitomizes the dream of every working artist.  While his stories are amazing, Dmitry is primarily a visual artist; you can check out his work at

Of his work, he says:

What I’ve always done is look out the window. Watching the light change and making marks
to catch some small part of that has occupied me for much of the last twenty-five years. When
my pictures work, the viewer is reminded of the world as they themselves have seen it. This
doesn’t entail reproducing minute details but attempting to depict enough of the relationships
of light and matter to make an analog to what is truly there. This is my conversation with the
world; on good days others can join in as well…

DSamarov_by_SethAnderson copy


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