Meet our readers – M.T. Cozzola

Possibly the most oblique line in Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies Night” reads: On disco lights your name will be seen, you can fulfill all of your dreams. I’m not sure what kind of disco lights spell out names, but I’m pretty sure that if that was ever to happen, the name they’d spell out would be… M.T. Cozzola.

MT Cozzola has no guilt about taking an empty pan to her favorite pasta shop, having them build her a lasagna, and then serving it up like she made it herself. None. She’s told stories at This Much Is True, Essay Fiesta, Here’s the Story, My First Time, and on her blog, You can see a piece from her new play ST GEORGE ON THE BUS at Chicago Dramatists on Dec 17 at 7:30. She is very happy to be telling and listening with these gorgeous women.


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