Meet our readers – Tom Wolferman

We at TASW are thrilled to include Mr. Tom Wolferman in our inaugural lineup.  Tom has graced the mic at a number of live lit venues in Chicago, including: Story Lab, Story Club, and Essay Fiesta.  As a freelance copywriter, Tom has written about surgeon’s gloves, cat litter, cement, pinball machines, hardware stores, men’s suits, engineered plastic products, higher education and lower Michigan. He also has been hired to write placemat copy for a pizza chain, jokes for Joan Rivers and holiday turkey announcements for a CEO. Note: The big money is in turkey announcements. Tom loves the Chicago storytelling community because they let the old guys sit at the kids’ table.

Extreme Fun Fact: If you get rid of the pesky “S” in “That’s All She Wrote,” the initials of Tom’s full name are the same as our acronym. He promises to legally change his name to Thomas Alan Snoop Wolferman when our little unassuming show becomes the hottest thing since Snoop Dog (or Snoop Lion, or Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.)


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