Meet our readers: Angela Vela

Everyone, we’ve got Angela Vela reading with us! Angela has, like a real bio. Lookit all this stuff she does: Angela produces, hosts and performs at a variety of shows all across the city and its suburbs.  For the last four years, her unique style of stand-up comedy comes has come from a combination of … Continue reading

Meet our readers: John Leo

We’ve got a newbie coming to the mic! We love it when someone in our audience gets the cahones to get up there in front of everybody and tell it. Everyone: meet John Leo. John: this is everyone. John got a taste for writing as a youngster but fell in love with rock and roll … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Erica Dreisbach

We are pleased as punch to have Erica Dreisbach reading with us next week. Erica is one funny lady, prepare yourselves. Erica Dreisbach is an artist, writer, and coder in Chicago. She doesn’t make meaningful distinctions between art, writing, and code. Follow her @ericaricardo Catch Erica next Sunday at Great Lakes Tattoo for our show … Continue reading

Photos of the anniversary show!

Photos of the anniversary show!

We are unbelievably lucky to have a friend in fellow storyteller, show producer, and shutterbug Jill Howe, who took some amazing photos of Sunday’s show. Jill co-produces the series Story Sessions, which you should check out if you haven’t yet done so. Enjoy this visual recap of the 2 year anniversary show, and a huge … Continue reading