Meet our Readers: Shay DeGrandis

Shay DeGrandis is the bizzomb. She produces and hosts the Chicago edition of Mortified, a comedy show of “personal redemption through public humiliation.” Helping performers bring to light their most awkward adolescent writing, she persuades them to get over their own self-censorship and share their shame with strangers. She thinks it’s good to expose yourself. … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Lily Be

If you’ve never seen Lily tell a story, well – my friend, you are seriously missing out. Lily Be is a momma, a nanny, a friend, and a storyteller. She’s a wise Mexican badass from Humboldt Park with a straight from the hip style of storytelling that has made her stand out in the storytelling … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: MT Cozzola

We are thrilled to have one of our favorite babes in the lineup after a lengthy absence – everyone, meet MT Cozzola! MT Cozzola is a resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists. If you’re interested in labor history or magical realism, check out her upcoming projects at a benefit for the new Mother Jones Museum and … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Archy Arch J

Our next show is happening this Sunday, which happens fall on the Ides of March, -the day that Julius Caesar was murdered AND the name of a Chicago area band that recorded exactly one hit: Vehicle. It’s a day when anything can happen, ANYTHING! Celebrate the recent thaw and the coming of spring with our … Continue reading

Photos from the February show

Photos from the February show

We asked for volunteer photographers, and Meg Gustafson stepped forward, camera in hand. Thanks Meg! Interested in photographing our next show on March 15? Let us know – email us at        

Meet our Readers: Claire Zulkey

We are totally geeked to have Claire Zulkey reading with us for the first time! Claire Zulkey is the longtime editor of and the producer of Funny Ha-Ha, the literary humor reading series that returns to the Hideout Friday, March 27. She is the author of the acclaimed Young Adult novel An Off Year … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Sarah Hollenbeck

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST IS IN THE HOUSE!!! Come to our show on Sunday and hear from none other than Sarah Holllenbeck! Sarah is the new co-owner of Women & Children First, one of the last remaining feminist bookstores in the country. Her essays have been published in TriQuarterly, The CAF Review, the In Our … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Sheri Reda

Sheri is back! We LOVE this lady! Sheri Reda is a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant, which means she can marry you—or bury you, so watch out! She’s also a professional writer and editor whose book, Life-Cycle Celebrations, will be coming out this spring. Lately she’s been writing test questions for curriculum clients, so you can ask … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Kevin Gladish

Kevin Gladish is back, we love this guy! Kevin is very excited to return to That’s All She Wrote and to join such an amazing lineup! Kevin has been telling stories around Chicago at venues such as The Moth, Story Sessions, Story Club, This Much is True, WNEP’s Skald, and the side project. You can also hear … Continue reading


As you may or may not know, we’ve been renting chairs from the convenient and affable Doolin’s Party Supply, which has allowed us to provide seating for our audience since we moved to Great Lakes Tattoo last August. Their pricing is fair, but it was always our dream to someday have a set of folding chairs of our very … Continue reading