Meet our Readers: Kim Nelson

Hi everyone! It’s September and we’re gearing up for our next show on Sunday, September 13th. We have a great lineup, and are thrilled to introduce you to Kim Nelson. Kim Nelson is a writer, performer, and former roller derby skater from Chicago. After retiring from contact sports, she became a regular contributor and co-editor … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Tess Lennon-Dorn

Returning reader and show favorite Tess Lennon-Dorn is performing with us on Sunday! Tess was born and raised in Chicago. She attended the Chicago Waldorf School’s Early Childhood program where everything was covered in rainbow scarves. Seriously, everything. She then was homeschooled, where she wore ill-fitting overalls and questioned authority. In the sixth grade she … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Carly Oishi

Pretty much everything you need to know about Carly Oishi is written on the balloon she carries with her wherever she goes. In addition, she is the co-creator of Miss Spoken, the blog ( and lady centric live lit show, which happens the last Wednesday of every month at The Gallery Cabaret. Before she had a kid, … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: David Barish

We’ve got David Barish reading with us on August 9! David has been listening to stories for years in his day gig as an an attorney representing injured workers. Lately he has been telling them as well. He has told stories for Story Sessions, Serving the Sentence, Is This a Thing?, Essay Fiesta, Home: A … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Britt Julious

Our August show is coming up and that means we’ve been performing at Great Lakes Tattoo for a WHOLE YEAR!! They have been SO good to us, I can’t even. Gone are the days of lugging equipment to and from the venue on show night, THEY LET US STORE ALL OUR STUFF WITH THEM ALL … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Jenn Sodini

Returning favorite Jenn Sodini is back this month! Jenn Sodini grew up in Pittsburgh, though she has lived in the heart of Wicker Park for many years since. She made her Chicago stage debut at Martyrs’ with a Moth StorySLAM win, and is proud to host and co-produce The First Time there. One of her … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Kim Schultz

The one and only Kim Schultz is reading with us on Sunday!! Kim is a recent transplant to Chicago via New York City. She is an actor/writer/improv corporate trainer and runs off to Mexico once or twice a year to run an artist residency on the Caribbean. She has performed on many local and national … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Nestor Gomez

Are you kidding me?! Nestor Gomez is performing with us! Nestor was born in Guatemala and has lived in Chicago for the last 25 years. He is new to the storytelling circuit but in a short time has been participated in many storytelling events around the city. Nestor has won the Moth slam four times … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Rebecca Keller

We are thrilled to have returning reader Rebecca Keller with us this month. Rebecca is an artist and writer, teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2012, her book of art and essays: “Excavating History” was published. She has published fiction in New Fairy Tales, Calyx, The Public Historian, in “Crossing … Continue reading