Postscript: Post-It Note Portraits

It’s been over a week since our farewell show, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say a few things in closing.

FIRST: Thanks to everyone for all your support over the years, for coming out to see us, for laughing at the laugh lines, crying at the cry lines, and getting confused at the confused lines.

SECOND: Thanks to our unbelievable readers. One of our favorite things about running this show – possibly THE favorite thing, was something we called the “table read” where we met with our readers prior to the show to read our drafts aloud, hang out, eat, drink, and have fun. It was the spark that ignited innumerable friendships, and made us better producers, writers, and humans. We hope it helped our readers too; it certainly made the show more cohesive.

THIRD: I don’t quite know how to put into words how wonderful it’s been to call Great Lakes Tattoo home. *Sigh* Seriously, you guys. We were taken in when we were homeless after our second venue in a row shut down. Nick overheard me (JH) being all sad one day when I was looking for a new venue and offered to house us until we found a new space, which turned out to be… forever. It’s not just a tattoo shop, it’s like… a REALLY REALLY NICE tattoo shop, one where you would take your mother, one where you would crash for the night if you for some reason found yourself suddenly homeless, one where you might take a shower if you were short on time and had just come from visiting Stephanie Douglass on her farm in Marseilles, Illinois, and had a show coming up in a couple hours (THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!)

Not only did Great Lakes Tattoo let us set up camp and stay as long as we wanted, they also let us store our equipment and supplies there, which as any producer knows is a GIGANTIC favor to do in a world where you are expected to show up to the venue lugging your own mic, amp, speakers, and chairs, and lugging them all right back out with you after the show. It’s fitting that Great Lakes Tattoo is now the proud heir of the chairs that we purchased, THANKS TO OUR FABULOUS CHAIR SPONSORS who paid for them in exchange for laminated post-it note portraits that were affixed to the back of each chair. As a parting gift and as a token our our affection, Great Lakes Tattoo hereby owns the folding chairs for whatever events might be coming up in the near future that might require seating.

Which brings me to my (sort of) point of writing this post: those of you who sponsored a chair, i have your laminated post-it note portrait, and I want you to have it. Message me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you. I think I’m  connected to all of you on Facebook, but if not email me at

Thanks, everyone, for a fantastic run. It’s been amazing.


JH and Angela


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