Series Wrap-up: Farewell Show Sunday, March 5.


After four and a half years, 53 shows, three different venues (four if you count the place that closed ten days before we were scheduled to do our first show), and too many guest readers to count, we are bringing the live lit show known as That’s All She Wrote to a close.

As you may already know, Angela Benander is moving to Washington D.C. soon, and J.H. Palmer is finishing up her MFA in nonfiction this year (hopefully), so it felt like a natural place to end the series.

Since the events of November 8, 2016, we’ve been donating all proceeds from the show to the Muslim Women Resource Center, an organization in Chicago that assists immigrants and refugees from all walks of life, regardless of gender, faith, race, ethnicity, or age. To date we have raised over $300 for the MWRC, and the proceeds from our final show will be added to that total.

It’s been an amazing stroke of good luck that we’ve been able to call Great Lakes Tattoo our home for the last two and a half years. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity, flexibility, and for the fact that they took in a couple of midlife orphans like us when we were homeless, and let us stay as long as we wanted. (Seriously, this place is nicer than either of our homes.)

Our last show will take place on Sunday, March 5, and we’ll be hearing from guest readers Eric Charles May, Rukmini Girish, Jennifer Peepas, and Turi Ryder. Come out and see us, we’d love to be able to say goodbye in person.






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