Meet our Readers: Kathie Shur

One of our favorite things about running this show is introducing new readers to the storytelling world, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to Kathie Shur!

Kathie studied writing at the University of Tampa between 2003 and 2007. She has been a student at the Second City Training Center since 2011, where she also completed a one-year Sketch Writing Program.  She is currently a student at The Harold Ramis Film School at Second City. She loves storytelling, and would like to thank her wonderful teachers MT Cozzola and Arlene Malinowski.  Kathie would also like to thank Susan Herold for telling her about “That’s All She Wrote”, and Angela and Jessica for giving her this opportunity to read in this, her first, storytelling show.


Come see us on Sunday, February 12 at Great Lakes Tattoo and hear this fabulous storyteller in person!


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