Fillet of Solo, Week 3: Festival Wrap-Up


Look at these gorgeous people! Left to right: Archy Jamjun, Karen Shimmin, Ben Tanzer.

The 20th annual Fillet of Solo festival at Lifeline Theatre has drawn to a close, and we had a great run. On Saturday we heard fantastic pieces from Archy Jamjun, Ben Tanzer, and superstar Karen Shimmin – who stepped in with 3  hours notice to fill in for Angela Benander, who was sick for the third day in a row and couldn’t make it. Karen is a lifesaver; you should go see her live lit show, Essay Fiesta, and listen to her podcast, All Write Already.

A HUGE thanks to our Fillet of Solo readers, you MADE the show: Tom Wolferman, Jason Fisk, Elizabeth Gomez, Luke Babb, Jasmine Davila, Ben Tanzer, Archy Jamjun, and superstar Karen Shimmin. Thanks to Lifeline Theatre for having us, and thank you to everyone who made it up to Rogers Park to see us.

Next month we’re back to our regular Sunday show at Great Lakes Tattoo, 1148 W. Grand Avenue, on February 12. It’ll be nice to be home again, and we have a terrific lineup: Erin Diamond, Kathie Shur, Stephanie Douglass, and Jeremy Owens.

Until then, keep resisting!

With love and stories,

That’s All She Wrote


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