Meet our readers: Tom Wolferman, Luke Babb, and Jasmine Davila!

We’re back at the Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood, this Saturday for week 2 of the Fillet of Solo festival. This is going to be an interesting show – it takes place the same day as the Women’s March, and a number of our readers will be coming directly from the march in Chicago, or – as in the case of co-host Angela Benander, some will be away in D.C. for the BIG one.

Regardless of what happens, we’ll be at the Heartland Studio at 4pm to tell stories, and we’ll be glad to see you there. Afterwards we can hang out and debrief on the day’s activities over at Pub 626, a spot we ambled over to last week intending to have just one drink, and ended up staying for a record breaking six and a half hours. They have the friendliest waitstaff, and the best nachos, we couldn’t tear ourselves away!

This week we’ve got three terrific guest readers, who we are thrilled to introduce to you:

Jasmine Davila: the woman who posts Instagram photos of my cats for me when I’m out of town and she’s feeding my babies, longtime friend of the show, and world class fabulous lady, Jasmine has been oversharing on the internet since 2000. She has read for the likes of Solo in the 2nd City, Tuesday Funk, and 20×2, and Miss Spoken. Please tweet all the cute corgi pictures to her at @jasmined.

Jasmine Adele

Luke Babb: Luke is a newlywed Chicago transplant who writes fiction and nonfiction about queer witches. They are also one half of the creative team behind Marginally Geek, a podcast for and about people who live at the intersection of marginalized identity and fandom. You can find them online on Twitter, tumblr, and facebook, and in person at The Chopping Block, soaking up knowledge about how to feed their wife.


Tom Wolferman: Tom’s first professional writing assignment involved describing the features of cuckoo clocks. It opened the tiny trap door to a truly nonsensical career. While Tom more recently has been writing personal narrative, after the 2016 presidential election he is dumbfounded by a new world order that dictates there is no such thing as non-fiction.


Come see us this Saturday at the Heartland Studio, tickets are $10 and can be purchased here. If you’re marching on Saturday, keep a cool head and best of luck. If you’re marching and in Chicago, come see us afterwards, we’d love to see you. XOXOXO


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