Meet Turi Ryder!

Guess what? December 11 is our last show of 2016! We’ve got a fantastic ALL LADY LINEUP to help send 2016 into the ash heap of history, and we’d love to see you one last time before we turn the page on this dumpster fire of a year. Join us!

Turi Ryder has spent most of her working life where almost nobody can see her: on the radio. You may have heard her on Chicago’s WGN or WLS (AM or FM}. She has also offended people over the airwaves from Los Angeles,  New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis (where she was voted Best and Worst of the Twin Cities by the same entertainment weekly in the same year), and Seattle.  Turi recently emerged from her soundproof room with a memoir, “She Said What?”.


Our All Lady lineup will be performing on Sunday, December 11 at Great Lakes Tattoo, 1148 W. Grand Avenue. Stories start at 8pm. BYOB, all proceeds will be donated to the Muslim Women Resource Center.


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