Meet Nik Gallicchio!

Our fabulous, four year anniversary, all-lady lineup includes first-time TASW reader Nik Gallicchio, whose story is WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN ANYTHING YOU’LL HEAR AT THE SECOND TRUMP-CLINTON DEBATE!

When not emulating Ms. Frizzle (of Magic School Bus fame) by donning dresses made out of book pages, Nik Gallicchio spends her days cajoling sassy teenagers into sharing their stories. Her writing has appeared in Jet Fuel Review and on the combative stage of WRITE CLUB (came, saw, conquered). For the past four years, she has worked with WRITE CLUB creator Ian Belknap to showcase verbal battles of wit between students attending rival high schools.


Give your brain a break from the election, and come out to Great Lakes Tattoo where you can hear real stories from Chicago storytellers. Also: there will be some kind of dessert type thing to celebrate our anniversary.

Details: Sunday, October 9, at Great Lakes Tattoo, 1148 W. Grand. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8. Free (donations welcomed) and BYOB.


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