Posted in October 2016

Meet Susan Herold!

You guys, this month’s show is a BIG deal, here’s why: It’s our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We’ve been telling stories with you and for you for FOUR YEARS! We never thought we’d last this long, and this calls for a celebration! We’ve got an ALL-LADY LINEUP!! All of this month’s readers are first time TASW … Continue reading

Meet Nikki Bartolini!

Continuing our all-lady, all newbie, anniversary lineup is the fabulous Nikki Bartolini! Nikki is a writer and marketer living in Bucktown. Originally from St. Louis, MO, she moved to Chicago over 7 years ago to study writing at DePaul University and fell in love with the literary culture of the city. Over the past year … Continue reading

Meet Nik Gallicchio!

Our fabulous, four year anniversary, all-lady lineup includes first-time TASW reader Nik Gallicchio, whose story is WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN ANYTHING YOU’LL HEAR AT THE SECOND TRUMP-CLINTON DEBATE! When not emulating Ms. Frizzle (of Magic School Bus fame) by donning dresses made out of book pages, Nik Gallicchio spends her days cajoling sassy teenagers into … Continue reading

Meet Lindsay Eanet!

Have we mentioned that our October 9 show is our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY?! Well, it is! It’s also the second Trump-Clinton debate, but our show will be more fun, and will put you in a much better mood. We would love to celebrate our anniversary with you, because there’s NO DEBATING THE FACT that we’ve … Continue reading