Meet Gint Aras

We LOVE IT when we get new readers, and this month we are thrilled to have Gint Aras in our lineup for the very first time!

gint photo

Gint Aras is the author of two novels, Finding the Moon in Sugar (Infinity, 2009) and The Fugue (Tortoise Books, 2016). He lives in Oak Park, Illinois with his family. Check out his photography and more at Liquid Ink. He first encountered 45s with his brother in the late 70’s after finding his parents’ stash. They were Englebert Humperdink, Brasil ’66, Dion, Bee Gees and ABBA.

We actually have some Bee Gees on 45, which we’ll be sure to play after the show, in honor of Gint’s parents’ stash o’ 70’s music. Trivia: the Bee Gees are so named because they are the Brothers Gibb. Get it? Wow, those guys were super clever.

Come see Gint on Saturday at Great Lakes Tattoo. Stories start at 8pm, party starts at 10pm. BYOB, and we’re raising $$ to pay our readers, so come with like, $5.



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