Meet Tom Wolferman

Have you met Tom? He’s pretty much the nicest guy in the live lit scene, and he tells a wicked good story.


This guy… this is the guy.

The name on Tom Wolferman’s original birth certificate was listed as “Thoman” instead of “Thomas” because the attending nurse wrote down an “n” instead of an “s.” As a result, he has made a career out of trying to find the right words to explain himself. He happily returns to That’s All She Wrote to help celebrate J.H. Palmer’s 45rpm birthday bash spin. Highly influenced by the British Invasion music movement of the Sixties, growing up Tom misguidedly attempted to emulate Herman’s Hermits and The Zombies by purchasing vinyl tunes and mod haberdashery at the Sears near his Chicago grammar school located approximately 6,091 kilometers outside of Liverpool.

Tom is reading this Saturday at our home base, Great Lakes Tattoo. Stories start at 8pm, show is BYOB.


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