Posted in March 2016

Meet our Readers: Jen Bosworth

We might be losing an hour’s sleep tonight, but that’s fine, we can work with that because as we showed the world last night, CHICAGO IS WIDE AWAKE!! We are super psyched to have Jen Bosworth back! She is one of our favorite babes. Jen is a writer and performer from Evanston. Her one woman … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Barrie Cole

Returning favorite Barrie Cole is gracing the mic on Sunday. If she doesn’t make you forget about Daylight Savings Time, well… nothing will. Barrie is thrilled to read once again at That’s All She Wrote. She last appeared at City Winery in Story Sessions in February and her most recent play, “Meaning is Tricky” played … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Eric Kenron

Continuing our Spring Forward lineup we have returning reader Eric Kenron! In addition to being a writer, Eric Kenron is a teacher of yoga, meditation, breath-work and psychological self-defense for empaths. He is also a co-owner of Chicago’s newest and friendliest occult shop, healing center and Pagan resource: World Tree Healing — where he reads … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Stephanie Sack

Losing an hour’s sleep is some bullcrap, but we’re taking the edge of with a story from one of our favorite gal pals, Stephanie Sack! A native daughter of Chicago, Stephanie Sack is indelibly yet delightfully Midwestern. She is and does many things. She can often be found in her chosen habitat of Logan Square, … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Diane Kastiel

We’re losing an hour on Sunday, so make the most of the 23 you’ve got left and come see us! Diane Kastiel is a writer and storyteller from Chicago. She’s a three-time Moth StorySLAM winner whose work has been featured on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour and its podcast, and she was featured on the Moth … Continue reading