Posted in December 2015

Meet our Readers: Willy Nast

Look who’s back! We are super stoked to have returning reader Willy Nast reading with us on Sunday. Willy Nast is from Aurora, Illinois, and yes, he has seen the movie Wayne’s World an astounding number of times. Willy co-hosts the “completely unpretentious” literary podcast All Write Already!, as well as the equally unpretentious live … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Brenna Kearney

The following things about Brenna Kearney are all true: Brenna came to Chicago via Kansas City, London and New York. One of her favorite things is performing alongside her dear friends in You’re Being Ridiculous. Her next favorite things are steak and Scotch. Come see Brenna in real, true life on Sunday, December 6 at Great … Continue reading