Meet our Readers: Eileen Tull

SHE’S BACK!! The one and only Eileen Tull is performing with us at the last show of 2015! Eileen is a storyteller, performance artist, comedian, poet, and one woman show person. Her work has been seen throughout the country, from New York to San Francisco. She’s been seen in Chicago with Loose Chicks, Beast Women, Is This A Thing?, Miss Spoken, Seven Deadly Sins, Chicago Solo Theatre, and Sappho’s Salon, a monthly performance series that she co-curates at Women and Children First bookstore featuring female-identifying and non-binary performers exploring gender, feminism, and sexuality.

Also, she has a thing about Star Wars, specifically a thing about Harrison Ford, which we at That’s All She Wrote heartily approve of.

EileenCome out and see Eileen on Sunday, December 6th at Great Lakes Tattoo!


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