Meet our Readers: Eric Kenron

We have an unprecedented number of Erics reading with us this month, and there are so many different ways we could have gone with naming this show: A Tale of Two Erics; It’s Raining Erics; and The Eric Show, to name a few. Ultimately we went with the admittedly ordinary sounding That’s All She Wrote, April – The Two Erics Show, but I promise you that’s the most ordinary thing about our upcoming show on Sunday.

Everyone, meet Eric Kenron, also known as Eric 1. Eric writes sci-fi and horror stories, except when he doesn’t. He also works at a homeless shelter, teaches yoga, and has a very snazzy hat.

Come out to Great Lakes Tattoo on Sunday and meet Eric, our other reader, Eric, and the rest of the lineup. Show starts at 8pm, BYOB and FREE!




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