Posted in April 2015

Photos from the April show

Once again, the lovely and talented Meg Gustafson volunteered to take pictures this month, thank you Meg! Are you a shutterbug who’d like to volunteer to take photos for us? Drop us a line! We can pay you in sushi from Tsukiji Fish Market, the beverage of your choice, and our undying affections.  

Meet our Readers: Jennifer Peepas

Are you kidding me?!?! Returning favorite and all around awesome lady Jennifer Peepas is reading with us on Sunday! Jennifer Peepas teaches screenwriting and film and video production at Columbia College Chicago. She read at the very first Story Club back when it was just a few audience members and the guy who got visible … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Eric Stassen

As promised, we have an embarrassment of Erics this month. Meet Eric Stassen, henceforth know as Eric 2 of That’s All She Wrote, April – The Two Erics Show, alternative title: All My Erics. Eric Stassen is a musician whose experiences range from conducting Brahms with a professional European orchestra to laying down the groove … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Eric Kenron

We have an unprecedented number of Erics reading with us this month, and there are so many different ways we could have gone with naming this show: A Tale of Two Erics; It’s Raining Erics; and The Eric Show, to name a few. Ultimately we went with the admittedly ordinary sounding That’s All She Wrote, … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Julie Marchiano

We’re getting ready for our April show and are pleased as punch to have Julie Marchiano in the lineup! Julie Marchiano is a Chicago-based actor, writer, and improviser currently traveling the country with The Second City Touring Company. When she’s in town, you can find her performing in the ensemble of Improv All-Stars at UP … Continue reading