Meet our Readers: Sheri Reda

Sheri is back! We LOVE this lady!

Sheri Reda is a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant, which means she can marry you—or bury you, so watch out! She’s also a professional writer and editor whose book, Life-Cycle Celebrations, will be coming out this spring. Lately she’s been writing test questions for curriculum clients, so you can ask her anything you want to know about Texas or Florida. She has three other jobs, as well—Youth Librarian at Wilmette Library, host at her family’s restaurant, Topo Gigio, and Spiritual Director with office space at Heartwood Center in Evanston. She’s told stories at many of the usual places, including Story Sessions, Reading Under the Influence, Tuesday Funk,this Much is True, and, of course, the Moth. She’s tired. But she’s EXTREMELY happy to be here.


Come see this woman next Sunday, February 8, at Great Lakes Tattoo. You’ll be glad you did!


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