As you may or may not know, we’ve been renting chairs from the convenient and affable Doolin’s Party Supply, which has allowed us to provide seating for our audience since we moved to Great Lakes Tattoo last August. Their pricing is fair, but it was always our dream to someday have a set of folding chairs of our very own. Well, ladies and gentlemen, THAT DAY HAS COME! Starting February 8, when you come to our show you will be able to enjoy the seated comfort of our VERY OWN CHAIRS!!

We got them at a good price, but we’d love some help in paying for these beauties. As an added incentive, if you sponsor a chair you’ll get a post-it note portrait with your name and likeness affixed to a chair, just like in those fancy theaters where major donors get a plaque with their name etched into it! $15 will get you a chair sponsorship, and everyone who sees it will know what an amazing patron of the arts you are, and be really impressed! Donations can be made in person or to our PayPal account (our account name is Write “chair” in the memo line, and email us a photo of yourself – or your pet, or whoever you’d like us to draw. Just think, your name and post-it note likeness could be part of Live Lit in perpetuity!

Sitting down is just the best.

We hereby declare 2015 to be the Year of the Chair.


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