Meet our readers: Rosamund Lannin

Rosamund Lannin is awesome because she taught her cat to wear glasses.

The product of nine years in San Francisco and eight years in St. Paul, Rosamund Lannin is pleasantly surprised to have lived in Chicago for over a decade. She is the co-producer of Miss Spoken, a lady live it series with a different theme every month. She has also been an editor for Gapers Block, an online coupon writer, technical support for car dealers, and many more things involving the Internet in some capacity. Rose lives with a guy, a cat, and many comic books in Roscoe Village, which she secretly calls Mayberry.


Rosamund (and maybe her cat) will be reading with us on August 10 at Great Lakes Tattoo, 1148 W. Grand Avenue. Savory pies at 7pm, stories at 8pm, BYOB and FREE!



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