Posted in June 2014

What a weekend!

I don’t know about you, but yesterday was pretty high on the whirlwind index here at That’s All She Wrote. The Guild Literary Complex hosted us at the 30th annual Printer’s Row Lit Fest at 1pm and at 8pm we had our regular show at The Savoy.  And the icing on the double feature cake? … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Nanette George

We have a reader who’s crossing state lines! Nanette George is a writer and storyteller who was educated as a journalist and took up public affairs when she realized just how much she had to say about politics. At the beginning of her career, she handled projects for President Clinton and Mayor Richard Daley at Chicago-based … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Britt Julious

Our next reader is a triple threat: writer/performer/Groupon alum. West Side! Britt Julious is a black hippie, a club kid, and a born and bred Chicagoan from the city’s Austin neighborhood on the far west side. She’s also from Oak Park, but that’s far less exciting. After graduating from DePaul in 2009, she spent a … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Ben Harpe

Everyone: Meet Ben Harpe, a writer, actor, musician and artist from Detroit, MI. Ben hosts and produces the podcast What Am I Missing? and can be seen performing in The Lockout as part of Theater on the Lake, June 18-22. Ben improvises at iO with Devil’s Daughter and at The Playground with Karate Van. You … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Stephanie Sack

Stephanie is pretty much the whole reason we found a new home at The Savoy, and if you’ve been to any of our shows since our historic move to this venue you’ve likely seen her sitting at the bar on show night, checking her email and listening to stories with rapt attention. This month she’s … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Deanna Moffitt

Our June show is just around the corner, and we’re busting at the seams with talent. Kicking off our lineup is none other than Deanna Moffitt. Deanna Moffitt is the host of Story Sessions and it’s corresponding podcast. She teaches storytelling at The Second City and she recently started her own company “Luminant Leadership” that … Continue reading