Meet our readers: Dwight L. Wilson

Are you ready for this? The former dean of students at my high school is crossing state lines to read at my show! I’d better be on my best behavior.

Dwight L. Wilson is a retired educator who spent 41 years as a school professional. In addition to writing historical novels, he has published both religious and educational articles in a variety of magazines and has been a featured author in the books Each of Us Is Inevitable and The Inclusive School. He has published haiku and essays in periodicals spanning the globe and is the author of three haiku books: A Half-Moon Shining: Haiku from an African- American/ Quaker Perspective (1999); Summer Excursions: A Collection of Dwight L. Wilson’s Haiku; and The Essence of Haiku: The Relevancy of the Haiku Masters. Both Sarah’s Song, and Out of the Shadow of Darkness, the first books of his nine part historical fiction series, Esi Was My Mother, is for sale on Amazon Kindle.

This guy is for real, come see him this Sunday at The Savoy, stories start at 8pm.



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