Meet our readers: Edward Thomas-Herrera

In addition to being tons of fun to watch in a performance, Edward Thomas-Herrera has a name that lends itself to all kinds of wonderful iterations: Edward Thomas-Hilarious, Edward Tremendously-Handsome, and Edward Theater-Ham, to name a few.

Edward Thomas-Herrera is an actor, playwright, director, performer, and Pisces from the Lone Star State. He has authored three plays: Of Diamonds and Diplomats, Mondo Edwardo, and Death on a Pink Carpet; a one-man show Fun while it lasted: a farewell tour; and a musical entitled Hell is for the Very Hot that will probably never see the light of day. His directing credits include Stephanie Shaw’s Materia Prima, David Kodeski’s And Some Can Remember Something of Some Such Thing, Mary Scruggs’s Missing Man, and a workshop production of Chicago Opera Vanguard’s The Suitcase Opera Project. He is a founding member of BoyGirlBoyGirl, an ensemble of solo theatre performers who have performed at various venues in Chicago and Mineral Point, WI since 2004. He has appeared on the stages of Live Bait Theater, the Encyclopedia Show, the Green Mill, Write Club, and a whole lot of other places. Most recently, he appeared in Curious Theatre Branch’s production of Barrie Cole’s Clumsy Sublime.

Come see ETH on Sunday, March 9 at The Savoy, and see if you can come up with a new sobriquet for him. Stories start at 8pm, come earlier for dinner. Reservations recommended.



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