Meet our readers: James Finn Garner

Our next show happens to fall on the day we all spring our clocks forward one hour, which is always the absolute worst, but we’re here to ease the pain of losing an hour’s sleep with a kick-ass lineup on March 9th. Everybody: meet James Finn Garner.

James Finn Garner is the author of several books,  including the international best-seller Politically Correct Bedtime Stories,  which has been translated into more than 20 languages.  A long-time Chicago performer, he has  read recently at The Paper Machete, Write Club, Essay Fiesta and Reading Under  the Influence.  A former  contributing editor with Chicago  Magazine, his commentaries have been broadcast on NPR and his  stories on the BBC.  His latest  project is the seminal clown noir thriller series starring Rex Koko,  Private clown:  Honk Honk, My Darling,  Double Indignity and The Wet Nose  of Danger.

Come see JFG on Sunday, March 9 at The Savoy. Stories start at 8pm, and we recommend making dinner reservations to secure a spot – to say nothing of enjoying a fantastic meal. See you then!



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