Posted in February 2014

Meet our readers: Edward Thomas-Herrera

In addition to being tons of fun to watch in a performance, Edward Thomas-Herrera has a name that lends itself to all kinds of wonderful iterations: Edward Thomas-Hilarious, Edward Tremendously-Handsome, and Edward Theater-Ham, to name a few. Edward Thomas-Herrera is an actor, playwright, director, performer, and Pisces from the Lone Star State. He has authored … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Diana Slickman

I first had the pleasure of seeing our next reader at a 2011 performance of There Is a Happiness That Morning Is, and she blew me away. I’m so geeked to have her reading at That’s All She Wrote. Diana Slickman has been a writer, performer, producer, director, and administrator in Chicago theater for nearly … Continue reading

Meet our readers: James Finn Garner

Our next show happens to fall on the day we all spring our clocks forward one hour, which is always the absolute worst, but we’re here to ease the pain of losing an hour’s sleep with a kick-ass lineup on March 9th. Everybody: meet James Finn Garner. James Finn Garner is the author of several … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Andrew Marikis

Have you seen Andrew Marikis’ dinosaur impression? It’s just one of his many talents. Andrew Marikis is a storyteller, actor, teaching artist and dinosaur enthusiast. As a storyteller, Andrew’s performed with Fillet of Solo, Story Club and Tellin’ Tales Theatre, and he hosts and produces Story Club South Side once a month. As an actor … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Sage Morgan-Hubbard

Sage has a very impressive bio, but the best part is I KNEW HER WHEN SHE WAS THREE YEARS OLD!! For reals! And now she’s all grown up, *sniff*. I guess that means I’m all grown up too… nah. Sage Xaxua Morgan-Hubbard is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, activist, and educator. She is currently the Academic … Continue reading