New Year, Big Changes

Hello there everyone,

Over that past week there have been some big changes at Swim Cafe. It’s been a real struggle for Karen to run the cafe while undergoing cancer treatment, and she’s got a long road ahead of her. Karen and her sister Debra, who have co-owned the cafe since 2005, made the difficult decision to close up shop last week. While Swim Cafe is officially shut down as of this writing, they are opening their doors once more, just for us, on Sunday, January 12. That’s All She Wrote wouldn’t be the show that it is without Swim Cafe; the space and atmosphere lent itself perfectly to our little live lit show, and the staff was unrelentingly supportive. We’re sad to see this turn of events, but completely understand the reasoning behind it, and we’re grateful to have the chance for a proper goodbye. And so, it’s with heavy hearts that we invite you to the last show in our original home at 1357 W. Chicago Avenue. We have plans to find a new home, and will keep you posted on our progress.

January 12 will be a very DIY event – there won’t be the usual treats from the bakery, so Bring Your Own Everything – but most importantly, bring yourselves.


JH Palmer and Angela Benander


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