Posted in January 2014

Meet our readers: Robert K. Elder

Our February lineup is totally legit, you guys, we have a real life journalist and published author reading with us. Go ahead and fact-check it, it’s 100% true! Robert K. Elder is an author, the editor-in-chief for Chicago Sun-Times Media Local and the founder of Odd Hours Media, LLC. Elder’s work has appeared in The New York Times,, The … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Jeremy Owens

Hello and happy Monday everyone! In the midst of this grueling winter we’re getting ready to re-launch at our new venue, The Savoy, and we’re all giddy about it. We’ve got an amazing lineup for our premiere Savoy show on Sunday, February 9, beginning with the amazing and hilarious Jeremy Owens. Jeremy Owens is the … Continue reading

Thank you Swim Cafe

Last Sunday’s show at Swim Cafe was amazing. Julia, Heather, and Jill opened the cafe for us, and even with the bare walls and empty pantry the place lit up with energy. We’re so glad we could say a real goodbye to the place that we’ve called home since the beginning, our guest readers totally … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Faraz Hussain

Rounding out our January lineup is Faraz Hussain. Faraz has lived in an abandoned grain silo, taken care of an octopus, and biked both naked as well as all the way to Milwaukee—twice—although not at the same time. He lives in Pilsen, works at the Center for Research and Service, and studies Rehabilitation Counseling at … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Judi Goshen

Hang on to your hats: we’ve got Judi Goshen reading with us! Judi was telling stories in the early 2000s before there was an audience for it. But it gave her enough material to open a one-woman show in LA. Last April she discovered Story Sessions and finally found an audience. Since then she’s told stories  at Story Sessions, Chicago … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Tania Richard

We are thrilled to have Tania Richard joining us for our last show at Swim Café. Tania is an award winning Resident Playwright and Associate Artist at Chicago Dramatists. Her solo show Truth Be Told debuted at the Fleetwood Jourdain Theatre and her monologues are published by Heneimann. She has contributed to This Much Is … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Don Hall

Welcome to 2014! The holidays are officially over, but we’ll be celebrating as usual at Swim Café on January 12, with a little more nostalgia than usual because this will be our LAST SHOW AT SWIM. As you may have seen in an earlier post, Swim Café has closed, but will open just for us … Continue reading

New Year, Big Changes

Hello there everyone, Over that past week there have been some big changes at Swim Cafe. It’s been a real struggle for Karen to run the cafe while undergoing cancer treatment, and she’s got a long road ahead of her. Karen and her sister Debra, who have co-owned the cafe since 2005, made the difficult … Continue reading