Posted in November 2013

Soup & Bread & That’s All She Wrote

  We were a show without a home when Karen Gerod, the owner of Swim Cafe, invited us to her Chicago Avenue establishment and told us to make ourselves comfortable. Since that day, we’ve called Swim Cafe home. Early this year Karen was diagnosed with cancer, and in addition to battling the disease she now faces enormous bills. To say … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Jen Bosworth

Jen Bosworth is hilarious, and awesome. She is a writer and performer from Evanston. Her one woman show, “Why Not Me…Love, Cancer and Jack White” is currently on tour and had a critically acclaimed run at this past summer’s New York International Fringe Festival. Jen is a graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul University … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Rebecca Keller

Everyone, meeet Rebecca Keller.  We saw this lady kick it at the Guild Literary Prose awards in October, and immediately recruited her to read for us. Rebecca is a Chicago artist and writer, teaching at the School of the Art Institute. Her numerous awards include two Fulbrights, grants from the National Endowment for the Arts … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Whit Nelson

Our next December reader has a thing for metaphors, which is always helpful when describing things. Whit Nelson’s face draws into a wince as he careens head-first down the waterside of life. Bullets of water blind and sting his face as the flames of the past lick plotlessly at his feet. At some point he begins to … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Wendy McClure

Thanksgiving is pretty much here, and we’re in it for the long winter haul – the perfect season for gathering in cafes and listening to stories. Get ready for our December show, it’s going to be so awesome you’ll forget about the weather, at least for a couple of hours, because we’ve got Wendy McClure! … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Angelina Marie

Rounding out our November lineup is Angelina Pizzi, aka Angelina Marie. Angelina Pizzi is spending her time around the sun trying on ALL of the hats. She’s tried to be a scientist, a commodities trader, a Chicago Public Schools Teacher, and currently works privately as a mathmagician, helping kids see the beauty of math- through … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Xavier Retana

This is a first for That’s All She Wrote: an actual, bonafide high school student will be reading with us! Not just ANY high school student, mind you, but Xavier Retana – the progeny of live lit star Lily Be! Xavier Retana is a storyteller from the Southside of Chicago. He is currently degreeless in … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Marta Johnson

Meet Marta Johnson: social worker, writer, ballroom dancer. Marta is a social worker in child welfare who staves off burn out by sticking her head in creative places, including ballroom dance studios (for purposes of whirling and twirling) and packed out coffee shops, where she puts pen to paper. Her recent foray into the world … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Jasmine Davila

It’s officially the Dark Season in Chicago, which means long nights for storytelling by writers like Jasmine Davila, a gal who’s not afraid to impersonate pop singers while in the streets of Paris. Jasmine is a New Yorker who’s been calling Chicago home for the last 19 years. When she isn’t procrastinating on updating her … Continue reading