Meet our readers: Byron Roussin

Our baby is turning 1!!! To help us celebrate, we’ve got a kickass lineup of readers this month, starting with Byron Roussin.

Byron is a St Louis native who’s been performing in Chicago for several years. He’s a writer, comedian, actor, stage manager, and storyteller.  He’s a graduate of IO and Second City’s Conservatory programs, as well as Second City’s writing program.  He’s performed at Second City, IO, Stage Left, and Gorilla Tango; as well as various film projects.  He’s been a storyteller around Chicago for about a year and a half. He’s stage managed productions at Zoo Studios for Chicago Mammals, Gorilla Tango, the Apollo Theatre Annoyance, Studio Be, and IO.  He’s looking forward to managing Whoprov in November and the return of Hitchcocktails in 2014. He looks forward to telling as many stories as possible for as long as people will listen.

Come see him Sunday, October 13th at Swim Cafe!



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