Meet our Readers: Andrew Reilly

Hello and welcome to our August lineup!  We’re having a wonderful summer, and we hope you are too.  Get ready for a great lineup for our August 11 show, beginning with Andrew Reilly.

Andrew Reilly is a writer of many things, some true and some false. His journalism, fiction, essays, and photography have been featured in a number of fine publications including HYPERTEXT, The Beachwood Reporter, The A.V. Club, and Norman Einstein’s Sports & Rocket Science Quarterly. He has also appeared at a number of equally fine live literary events and festivals, and co-edited the highly-acclaimed anthology Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck: Stories From 2nd Story. He lives in Uptown, where his walls are decorated with the awards he has received for his writing and for his ability to spell at a fourth-grade level. He values both equally. Visit him online at

Reilly pic


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