Posted in June 2013

Meet our Readers: Katie Prout

Everyone: meet Katie Prout. Katie runs really far, thinks too much, and writes not quite enough. She works as a nanny, and can tell you all about the boners of small boys, should you be interested. Katie has told stories at The Moth and at Strawdog Theatre, and will be reading at Write Club sometime … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Samantha Irby

Our next reader in the Ladies Night lineup has this to say about herself: “BIO: samantha irby writes a hilarious blog called bitches gotta eat.” That’s true, but there are other things you should know, like, for instance, that her book Meaty is now available from Curbside Splendor, and that you need to do yourself a … Continue reading

Meet our Readers: Fallon Masterson

Our Ladies Night lineup continues with the multitalented Axl Rose defender Fallon Masterson. Fallon Masterson is a writer and editor living in Chicago. She is originally from Providence, Rhode Island, where she co-created @scarsmagazine and worked jobs ranging from film and TV costume assistant to nursing home bingo caller. Fallon has loved storytelling since asking … Continue reading