Posted in March 2013

Meet our readers – Eric May

Way back when the Internet was just an information superhighway glimmer in somebody’s eye, when the CTA still had A and B stops and the red line was known as the “Howard-Dan Ryan”, little J.H. was a student at Columbia College, where she took some fiction writing classes with Eric May!  Pretty cool, huh? I … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Ellen LeKostaj

The lovely Ellen Lekostaj is pictured in one of the photos below, try to guess which one… Pie baker, soup maker. Petter of cats, wrestler of dogs. Road trip queen. Pedaler of bicycles. Visiter of grandmothers. Harbinger of cheer. Devourer of books. Ellen LeKostaj aspires to get her motorcycle license, teach her old dog new trick #38, … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Jim Stevens

Our March lineup continues with Jim Stevens, who is automatically awesome because he likes cats (he also tells good stories.) Jim has performed for 2nd Story, This Much Is True, and Storylab. He has recently been seen in the TEACHERS webseries, now distributed by The Onion. He was also seen in a video for Ready, … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Lynne Adams-Whitaker

We at TASW are THRILLED to introduce Lynne Adams-Whitaker, who will be reading with us next Sunday, March 10. Lynne Adams-Whitaker is a happily retired attorney and a native Chicagoan although she  has lived in five other states.  She spends her time fixing up her 102 year old  Oak Park home, watching Netflix, working on her memoir, … Continue reading