Meet our readers – Paul Dailing

You guys… we have a journalist reading with us!  And he’s been places!  This is going to be really good, make sure you catch this one.

Paul Dailing is a Chicago-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bangkok Post, the Agence France-Presse wire service and more. He’s covered the funeral of a Thai princess, discovered a triceratops fossil and had Wizzo the Wizard chop off his head, but 99 percent of the job involves trying to stay awake through suburban county board subcommittee meetings. He teaches at Loyola University Chicago and has previously read at Story Lab and the now-defunct Twilight Tales series. He’s co-founder of the Unnamed Lecture Series, which debuts this month.

Paul is in the process of collecting 1,001 stories of life in modern Chicago at 1,001 Chicago Afternoons (, his attempt to re-create reporter Ben Hecht’s Chicago Daily News column from the early 1920s. He started in April and the project should wrap up in 2018.

paul2 copy


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