Meet our readers – Mary Lorenz

OK, some introductions: Everyone – this is Mary; Mary – this is Everyone! We are pleased as punch to have Mary Lorenz with us at the January show, come see her perform with us on Sunday, January 13 at Swim Cafe.

Since moving to Chicago five years ago for a job and a mad craving for Rainbow Cone,
Mary has performed improv, sketch and what can loosely be called stand-up comedy
in and around the Chicago area, including The Annoyance theater, The Playground,
Donny’s Skybox, Chemically Imbalanced Comedy and Laugh Out Loud Theater.
As a storyteller, Mary has appeared at Storylab, Essay Fiesta, Tuesday Funk and her
therapist’s office. She’s excited to participate in That’s All She Wrote, where she can
impart much wisdom about the films of Steven Seagal and obscure 90s pop culture trivia.



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