Posted in January 2013

Meet our readers – Dmitry Samarov

Dmitry Samarov used to drive a cab for a living. Then in 2011 his book Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab was published, and now he doesn’t have to drive a cab anymore. This pretty much epitomizes the dream of every working artist.  While his stories are amazing, Dmitry is primarily a visual artist; you … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Sheri Reda

Sheri Reda is a badass; she can tell a true story so well you’ll think she made it up, and a fictional story so convincingly you’ll never know what hit you. Come to the January 13 show and see for yourself. . Sheri Reda is a writer, editor, performer, and teacher who is currently in … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Paul Dailing

You guys… we have a journalist reading with us!  And he’s been places!  This is going to be really good, make sure you catch this one. Paul Dailing is a Chicago-based freelance journalist whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bangkok Post, the Agence France-Presse wire service and more. He’s covered … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Mary Lorenz

OK, some introductions: Everyone – this is Mary; Mary – this is Everyone! We are pleased as punch to have Mary Lorenz with us at the January show, come see her perform with us on Sunday, January 13 at Swim Cafe. Since moving to Chicago five years ago for a job and a mad craving … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Barrie Cole

Hello and Happy New Year everybody!  We are thrilled to bits about our January lineup, and we know you will be too.  Celebrate this brand spanking new year with us on Sunday, January 13, at our lovely live lit home, Swim Cafe.  You won’t find a friendlier cafe in Chicago, seriously.  Kicking off our January … Continue reading