Meet our readers – Jill Howe

At the top of the Wikipedia entry for Kool & The Gang front man James “J.T.” Taylor is the following disclaimer: “This article is about the member of Kool & The Gang. For the American singer-songwriter and guitarist, see James Taylor.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to see the American singer-songwriter and guitarist James Taylor try to belt out “Ladies Night,” and do it like he means it.

Jill Howe lives to tell and loves to listen. The path of her professional life reflects everything she enjoys; from teaching high school English, film study and journalism, volunteering at 826Chicago (all of you should too!), to now dealing mostly in sparkling diamonds. Inspired by her urban tribe of creative friends, Jill is excited to be producing opportunities for people to connect and grow while they share their stories, including Kindling Tales, which recently had it’s second firepit show in Evanston and continues at new, evocative locations next year.  She’s been featured at Story Lab, Lady Tales, Vocalo radio for Stories + Music, and will be featured later this month at Speak Easy, Speak Hard. She’s honored to be part of That’s All She Wrote’s lady-powered lineup.


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