Meet our readers – Eileen Dougharty

In Kool and the Gang’s song “Ladies Night,” front man J.T. Taylor sings of ladies “from New York to Hollywood.”  What better way to introduce fly girl Eileen Dougharty, who travels around the country for a living, possibly on flights that originate in New York and land in Hollywood (though at the time of this writing this has not been confirmed) handing out drinks, snacks, and snark to the general public.

Eileen much prefers to laugh with you, rather than at you, for the record.  She has performed at 2nd Story, Reading Under The Influence, and Story Lab, and she occasionally blogs at   She hurls herself into every story-worthy adventure that Chicago has to offer and she’s thrilled to be included in That’s All She Wrote’s fabulous December estrofest. When she’s not writing or flying through the air, she’s conjuring up twisted metaphors in tamale shops on the city’s south side.


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