Posted in November 2012

Meet our readers – Jill Howe

At the top of the Wikipedia entry for Kool & The Gang front man James “J.T.” Taylor is the following disclaimer: “This article is about the member of Kool & The Gang. For the American singer-songwriter and guitarist, see James Taylor.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to see the American singer-songwriter … Continue reading

Meet our readers – M.T. Cozzola

Possibly the most oblique line in Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies Night” reads: On disco lights your name will be seen, you can fulfill all of your dreams. I’m not sure what kind of disco lights spell out names, but I’m pretty sure that if that was ever to happen, the name they’d spell out … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Robyn Okrant

When Kool & The Gang’s J.T. Taylor mentions a “sophisticated mama” in the song “Ladies Night,” he’s probably referring to Robyn Okrant. Robyn is an actress, author, freelance writer, & yoga teacher. She has appeared on the Today Show, CNBC’s The Oprah Effect, The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Joy Behar Show, and NPR’s All Things … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Eileen Dougharty

In Kool and the Gang’s song “Ladies Night,” front man J.T. Taylor sings of ladies “from New York to Hollywood.”  What better way to introduce fly girl Eileen Dougharty, who travels around the country for a living, possibly on flights that originate in New York and land in Hollywood (though at the time of this … Continue reading

Ladies Night!

Come to Swim Cafe on Sunday, December 9th for Ladies Night!  We have a stellar lineup that includes: Robyn Okrant, M.T. Cozzola, Eileen Dougharty, and Jill Howe.  Be there!

That was amazing!

We just wrapped up the November show, and couldn’t be happier!  Thanks to our fabulous readers: Shannon Cason, Jenn Sodini, Erin Kahoa, and Dana Norris, and to everyone who made it out to Swim Cafe tonight.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 9th – it’s ladies night!  We’ll hear stories from Jill Howe, Eileen Dougharty, … Continue reading

Meet our readers – Jenn Sodini

Fun fact: Jenn Sodini has secret shepherding superpowers, which she uses only for good. Jenn spends part of her time consulting and a lot of her time doing things the wrong way.  She’s a DJ on Thursdays from 6-9 AM on CHIRP, and has told stories at The Moth, The Moth GrandSLAM, and the CHIRP … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Shannon Cason

Shannon Cason is a writer/storyteller. He won the first Chicago Moth GrandSLAM champion title, has been featured on The Moth Podcast, and recently has been hosting shows for The Moth around the country. He’s originally from Detroit; he runs a men’s custom clothing shop in the South Loop; and he’s the father of two beautiful little girls. … Continue reading

Meet our readers: Erin Kahoa

Erin Kahoa can eat pasta salad with a knife, one piece at a time, slowly.  I’ve seen him do it, it’s impressive.  He will tolerate your pets, but is allergic to them, unless they are fish or reptiles.  He grew up in Oklahoma, woke up one morning in Chicago, and decided to stay. Erin has … Continue reading